Sunday, April 16, 2017

Another Season in the Books

Another snowboard season is in the books, or almost. I think Whitney is going to head to the slopes one or two more times before calling it good. She really wants to snowboard as long as she can but she also wants to save the gas money of the drive to Sugarloaf. We'll see. She's got school projects to work on and tests to study for as well as needing to think about packing up for the summer. She'll be leaving some things at her aunt's house again over the summer, including all her snowboard gear. It'll take some planning to figure out what gets packed up to stay in New England and what comes home.

Overall, from my perspective, it was a good snowboard season if we're talking about how it went competitively. Whitney tried new things and was successful at them and she also did well in her boardercross races. The new things she tried this year were giant slalom and racing NorAm/FIS. The giant slalom races went really well. She made her first attempt at it in NH and felt good after the race. Her second outing was at USCSA Nationals where she came in fourth. A good showing! The two NorAm/FIS races she entered overall went well. The one at Sunday River was a bit of a challenge to get to with the blizzard in Maine and the one at Copper (USASA Nationals) was a physical challenge with her twisted ribs. She improved her finish between the two races and I'm sure she'll do better next season.

Other aspects of her season were very challenging. The coaching from CVA didn't work out as well as we thought it would. There were issues, mainly communication but other things as well, although I think the coaching she did receive was good. There were a lot of issues with the UMF snowboard coach. Nothing good came from that situation. We're not sure what will happen next season with either but there will be change, just not sure what the change will be at the moment. We have all summer to figure things out, try to find a good coaching situation for Whitney, and figure out what will be best for her snowboarding career.

Enjoy the summer! See you on the slopes next winter.

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